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Annual Report 2020/2021

A Fresh Take on Food Distribution

On the floor of the Children’s Hunger Fund Distribution Center in Sylmar, CA rows of pallets were stacked high with boxes of bananas, honeydews, pineapples, and mangoes. The sheer quantity of fruit was extraordinary. While donations of fresh produce are not unheard of, CHF typically distributes non-perishable packaged foods and canned goods. But the need for food was especially great during the early months of the pandemic, and CHF is thankful to have been able to provide fresh produce for local distribution.

This shipment of fruit was just one of many donations made in 2020 from Del Monte Foods. Responding generously to the need for food during the pandemic, Del Monte provided CHF with 1,151 pallets of fresh fruit.

At a time when many Americans are struggling to pay bills and feed their families, CHF has had the privilege of partnering with organizations and churches who are working tirelessly to help. At CHF Distribution Centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Antonio, pastors and church volunteers were able to receive fruit, tortillas, onions, and even frozen waffles in addition to Food Paks and other non-perishable food items—all for delivery to families in their local neighborhoods. Though many things changed about the way CHF delivered food during 2020, the mission of CHF never wavered. Through your generosity and the support of our corporate sponsors, God continues to allow doors to be opened to the good news.

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