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Annual Report 2020/2021

A Gift for Pastors Who Give So Much

In many of the countries where we serve, the pastors in the Children’s Hunger Fund Mercy Network are struggling just as much as those in their communities whom they serve. In the US, when churches closed, congregations continued to tithe, but the same cannot be said around the world. When churches closed due to the lockdown, pastors’ incomes disappeared.

In June, by the grace of God, CHF was able to provide an emergency food relief grant for each of our 663 international Mercy Network pastors and 26 Mercy Network Coordinators. For many of them, it was the first time they had received a gift—ever. For Pastor Solomon (pictured) of Fiche Addis Kidan Baptist Church in Ethiopia, this gift came at just the right time. “The relief support I received helped me buy monthly food and pay my rent. At this time, the virus has affected everything, and things have become way too expensive for us. Many families are struggling as a result. Therefore, it is nice of you to think of pastors and church ministers like us and stand with the very things that we need now in this difficult time. I praise our Lord who helped you do this, too. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all!”

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