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Responding to Needs in Ukraine

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) has partnered with churches in Ukraine since 2011 through a relationship with Slavic Gospel Association (SGA). As with all the 28 international countries where CHF serves, it is the local church that is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and caring for families in need.

This is no different during a time of war.

When conflict between Ukraine and Russia first began in 2014, local churches were equipped to respond to the large number of refugees.

In a recent update from our partners, Michael Johnson, president of Slavic Gospel Association, shared that, “our goal now is the same as it was in 2014—to equip the churches for sustained gospel and compassion ministry to their people. The lives of refugees are shattered, and they are looking for hope—hope that the churches can give them as they share the love of Christ.”

As Russian forces move in from the north, south, and east, millions of Ukrainian civilians—many of them women and children—have turned westward to seek refuge in Romania, Poland, and beyond. CHF has church partners in Romania who are preparing to respond to the influx of Ukrainian refugees with food, housing, and transportation. Food is being transported over the Romanian border and into Ukraine to help those in need, and one of our partners is even driving a group of refugees all the way to Italy!

In addition to supporting our established relationships in Ukraine and Romania, we are also reaching out to partnering organizations who have connections with churches in Poland and Moldova to assist with providing resources. We will provide updates as the situation develops.

Children’s Hunger Fund is ready to respond with financial aid. We invite you to partner with us to provide food and aid to families who have lost so much. Click here to give to our emergency relief efforts.

We also ask that you join us in prayer:

  • For the refugees who are fleeing their homes to foreign lands in search of safety. That they would encounter God’s peace through the compassion of those called to respond.
  • For local churches and individuals in Romania, Poland, Moldova, and other neighboring countries who are preparing to respond to the needs of refugees crossing their borders.
  • For our church partners in Ukraine who are carrying out compassion ministry in areas of ongoing conflict.
  • For resources to be made available to meet the rising and ongoing need.
  • Above all, please pray for peace and that God would use this tragedy to draw people to Him.

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