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FRONTLINES, June 2021, Poverty Encounter

Poverty Encounter Virtual Tours are Opening Eyes and Igniting Hearts

Every Poverty Encounter Virtual Tour includes live moderation and interactive chats.

If you only had $1.90 to spend in a day, which would you choose: food, first aid, or school supplies? If there were no other options for decent work, would you take a loan in exchange for food and shelter even if it meant years of hard labor and a chance of passing your debt on to your children?

Unfortunately, families living in poverty around the world must face questions like these all the time.

Poverty Encounter is an interactive exhibit that educates guests on mercy ministry by opening their eyes to the realities faced by children living in extreme poverty. Through the ministry of Children’s Hunger Fund, guests are given the tools to take action to deliver hope.

We are thrilled to announce that we are bringing this incredible experience straight to your living room with Poverty Encounter Virtual Tours! With live moderation, exhibit tours, and interactive chats, your virtual tour will allow you to witness real stories of children living in extreme poverty and learn how you can make a difference.

“It’s amazing to witness how God is using the virtual tour to reach people of all ages and backgrounds across the US and around the world! Hearing how the tour is impacting so many lives is a tremendous blessing.”
Janet Han, Poverty Encounter Education Coordinator

Guests have joined us on a virtual tour from various cities across the US and as far away as India! Riley, a sixth grader from Texas, shared, “I’m surprised [Bruno] and his family can survive with so little. I had no idea that that stuff happens.” In North Carolina, fifth-grader Vivienne said, “This is amazing. Thank you so much for this. It makes me realize what I should pray for.”

Tours can be scheduled at the Poverty Encounter website for just $5 per device. School tours are offered free of charge, with specially designed tours for K-2 upon request. 

With your virtual tour of Poverty Encounter, you will be able to experience
what life is like for children living in extreme poverty in different situations.

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