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Prayer Requests

Updated as of July 2021
  • Pray for children across the US who are facing food insecurity this summer due to the pause of school meal programs while school is not in session. Pray that our church partners would be able to provide them with food and hope.
  • Pray for Uganda as they are several weeks into a severe Covid lockdown. Many of the communities where our church partners serve rely on open markets to earn a living. A lockdown takes away their only means of income and increases their need for food and resources.
  • Pray for our church partners in Myanmar. Following the coup that has been ongoing since February, churches are under pressure to remain closed. Pray that pastors and volunteers would continue to be able to safely minister to families in need.
  • Pray for Haiti as they deal with the aftermath of the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. Pray that our partners will be able to continue their ministry despite political unrest.
  • Pray for our newly established partnerships in Armenia and Madagascar. Pray with us for the churches that will be reaching out to suffering families in their community with food and the hope of the gospel.
  • During the last month, the Dallas CHF Distribution Center has been in the process of moving to a new location in Frisco, Texas. Pray for the Dallas team as they settle into their building.

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