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Prayer Requests

Updated as of May 2022
  • Please continue to pray with us for those impacted by the war in Ukraine. As the number of refugees continues to grow, so does the number of people dependent on aid from our church partners in Ukraine and surrounding countries. Pray for the new partnerships being formed in Poland and Moldova as we pursue additional ways to aid in the refugee crisis.

  • Pray for our partners in Ecuador, who have seen an increase in refugees from Venezuela. Though they have come with the hope of seeking a better future than their home country, most of these people are looking for jobs and have no family nor resources to survive in Ecuador. Many of our church partners have started outreach ministries specifically focused on helping displaced people in their communities.

  • Pray for the people of Uganda who continue to struggle in the aftermath of the flooding from Lake Victoria in 2020. The land may remain unfarmable for another year, which has led to inflation that shows no sign of going down. Pray for new opportunities for families who rely on farming for their survival and for those who cannot afford the higher cost of food. The instability throughout the country has made many people desperate, and many people have turned to theft and violence.

  • Pray for the people of Myanmar, who live in a constant state of instability and fear since the army seized control of the government. Resistance to military control is met with violence, and life for the people of Myanmar has yet to return to normal. Many of those resistant to military rule have fled to a state in eastern Myanmar called Kayah. Pray for our partners in Myanmar, who are ministering to the people of Kayah.

  • Pray for our partners in Haiti as violence and gang activity have grown worse. More stories are being shared of people being held hostage for ransom. Our church partners still haven’t been able to travel because of this situation. The supply of food and other resources was running low until a recent container from Children’s Hunger Fund was finally cleared. Pray with us as we seek to send out two more containers in the coming weeks. Haitian customs at the shipping ports have made it more difficult to clear incoming shipments in recent months.
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