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How Can Our Church Get Involved in Mercy Ministry?

By participating in a Project Food Pak, your church can help Children’s Hunger Fund get food into the hands of partners at under-resourced churches who are reaching out into some of America’s poorest communities. These church partners regularly deliver Food Paks directly to the homes of families impacted by poverty. By first meeting the family’s physical need for food, it is much easier for the local church to develop relationships and bring the hope of the gospel.

Through the simple act of filling Food Paks, your congregation is helping to support the mission of the global church to love God and to love our neighbors (the Great Commandment) and to go and make disciples of all nations (the Great Commission). Over the last 30 years, we have seen how food opens the door to lasting relationships between local churches and the families they serve.

There are many churches who are actively engaged in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in their community. If your church is already engaged in mercy ministry in your community, we would love to hear about how the Lord is working in and through you! You can email us at Perhaps you are wondering how you can deliver food in your own neighborhood. If you are close to one of our Distribution Centers, Children’s Hunger Fund would love to serve as a resource. To learn more about partnering with Children’s Hunger Fund to deliver hope and help to families in need, visit our website

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