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11 Reasons to Volunteer at Children’s Hunger Fund

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month. As we pause to celebrate the 400,000+ volunteers who have been a part of the past 30 years of ministry at Children’s Hunger Fund, we thought we’d share a few reasons why our volunteers come back week after week, in their own words.

  • It’s an opportunity for kids to volunteer. “I think seeing the kids come through, building the boxes, and having fun, you know, seeing kids at such a small age, starting to learn how to volunteer is very, very nice to see every week.” James Peifer
  • It encourages empathy. “As a family, as a mother, I want my son to see how fortunate he is. I want him to realize that there are children in the world that don’t have the same advantages that he has.” Juliana
  • You can make a difference. “The most impactful thing about volunteering at Children’s Hunger Fund for me is just knowing that I’m making a difference. I’m one person and I come two hours a week or as much as I can, but I know that that’s making a difference for children.” Jane, preschool teacher
  • It offers fellowship with others. “I come back every week, one, because I can; two, because I know I can make a difference; and three, because there’s a ton of people here that I’ve become friends with, and I enjoy working with them and we make a great team.” Bobbie Jo Peifer
  • It’s a great team-building activity. “As a company, we want to close that stereotype that a bank—a big corporation—is not willing to help. Because we are. We’re rolling up our sleeves. We’re here together. Not only do we work together, but now we get to see our families together. We get to interact with each other. To talk about just life after these two years of lockdown where everybody was just so scared to interact with everyone.” Juliana (Chase Bank)
  • Volunteering refreshes the soul. “It is the place where I can rest and recharge. I can work and I know it’s good, and it’s for the Lord. It’s actually refreshing and restful for me. It is a couple of hours where we can forget about our own selfishness and our own petty concerns, and we can just work and do good work unto the Lord.” Mrs. Kim
  • It blesses you to help others. “When you think about children and children being hungry, that’s probably as vulnerable as it gets. They need someone to help and support them. It’s something that fits with what I believe in, and to come out here and help in any way I can… it’s been a blessing.” Hudson Gossard
  • You know exactly what was accomplished. “I look forward to seeing the videos at the end, letting you know how what you did impacted others. It is just a great feeling to leave at the end of the day.” Julie Gomez
  • Jesus commands us to serve. “Jesus tells us to serve our community and our world. Time is something He’s given us. I feel like when we use our time wisely, it’s a way that we can serve Him.” Audrey Alexander
  • It models Christ-like service for the next generation. “Our kids learn by seeing what we do, and if we’re not doing it, then they’re not going to do it. We’re here being an example for them to let them know that this is why we’re here, and this is why Jesus has called us to serve other people. This is a great place that we can come as a family and just serve the Lord.” Audrey Alexander
  • And last but not least… “Because it’s fun.” Joshua Alexander (age 9)

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